Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

By January 19, 2015ADHD

Children most often get recognized as having an attention disorder once they begin school. If there are behaviour issues or accompanying learning disabilities the diagnosis is often made early on. With strong academic skills, many can slip through the cracks although schoolwork can be erratic whereby performance can be excellent in some courses and average in others. This is where a later diagnosis may be made either in Cegep or University due to difficulty in an environment that lacks structure and the challenge of organizing their time. In my practice I have encountered adults presenting with a Clinical Depression, but when looking closer it appears that the frustrations due to an undiagnosed ADHD have led to a Depression. There are often relationship problems, financial issues and problems at work. With recognizing the root of the difficulties and learning new skills to circumvent the challenges, an improvement in quality of life is possible.